Smart Battery Management Systems
-48V Smart Battery Management System
-48V Smart Battery Management System
-48V Smart Battery Management System

BSB's ECO Plus -48V Smart Battery Management System has been developed based on its rich experience and understanding in battery manufacturing, technology, and end application. Based on BSB’s software platform (big data analysis), BSB provides users with efficient smart battery management solution integrated with advanced technologies such as AI, Internet, and IoT.

Product Features

  • DC/AC Bidirectional Converter for Remote Capacity Test and After-test Pre-charge (Optional)

  • Fire Incident Prevention via monitoring of battery temperature, cable connection & thermal run-away

  • Bank level to cell level battery key SoH parameter live monitoring

  • Multiple Alarms based on Electrochemistry, mathematical modeling & neural network multidimensional analysis

  • Analysis model training and study based on 10T battery operation data from 20+ brands

  • Professional Trouble-shooting Guidance of each alarm

  • Expandible monitoring for environment like smoke sensor, humidity sensor etc.

  • TCP/IP Communication comply with IEC61850;

Product Specifications