Energy Storage Systems
MWh Energy Storage System
MWh Energy Storage System
MWh Energy Storage System

BSB ESS1290-P630A energy storage system is highly integrated with lithium battery, battery management system, PCS, grounding system, power distribution system, temperature control system and fire protection system. The AC voltage is 400VAC, which can provide peak shifting, grid frequency modeling, power expansion, backup power supply and other functional services to help customers reduce electricity costs to the greatest extent. It is recommended to be used in industrial and commercial user side optical storage and charging, superfast charging station supports and other scenarios.

Product Features

■   Standard 10-foot container design compact design, suitable for small user side scenarios;

■   280AhPACK+ Pack-level targeted fire suppression+ Pack- level fan speed control;

■   1000VDC, 20  years of normal use;

■   Patented bionic tree runner design, intelligent temperature control system, system temperature difference≤5℃, battery cycle life increased by 12%;

■   The main control cabinet Integrated DC confluence, power distribution communication and control;

■   Cell-level fully automatic fire protection, integrating detection, fire extinguishing, combustible gas detection, smoke prevention and explosion venting functions;

■   The module uses a new type of non-metallic material the blocking level is 5VA, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, long-life and excellent insulation ability, which effectively inhibits thermal runaway and electrical insulation problems;

■   Black start function.

Product Specifications

Battery parameters
Cell typeLFP-3.2V-280AH
Rated power[kWh]1290.24
Charge/Discharge ratio0.5CP
Battery voltage range[V]672~864
System Parameters
BMSLevel 3
Protection gradeIP54
Operating temperature range-30~+50℃(>45℃ derating)
Operating humidity range0~95%(non-condensing)
Auxiliary electrical parameter14kw-380V/50Hz
Fire protectionS-type aerosol/HFC-227EA/perfluorohexanone
InstallationOutdoor installation
Anticorrosion gradeC4 (C5 Optional)
AltitudeWithin 3000m
Working conditionUp to 2 changes and 2 discharges per day
System communication interfaceEthernet
External system communication protocolModbus TCP
certificationGB/T 36276GB/T34131UL 1973UL 9540AIEC 62619UN 38.3