Lithium Battery for Lead Acid Replacement
Lithium Battery for Lead Acid Replacement
Lithium Battery for Lead Acid Replacement

BSB Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) LiFePO4 Battery is an ideal replacement for traditional lead acid battery with smart IoT management technology and adaptation design, offering a smooth adapting solution for lead acid battery replacement. Our lithium battery can be used individually or connected in series and parallel to create larger system. Our lithium batteries are widely used in fields such as Telecom, Data Center, Solar, RV, AGV, Golf Cart, E-Mobility, Maritime, and other deep cycle applications.

Product Features

BSB's Lead Acid Replacement Lithium Battery Series provides Standard Version, Bluetooth Version and Low Temperature Version:

■ Low Temperature Version LiFePO4 battery is specifically designed for cold temperature charging. It can be charged at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F). It features proprietary technology which draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional parts. The Low Temperature Version LiFePO4 battery has the same size and performance as standard version but can be safely charged when temperatures drop as low as -20°C using a standard charger. It is an ideal choice for use in RVs, off-grid solar, and in any application that charging under cold temperature.

■ Bluetooth Version LiFePO4 battery has a built-in bluetooth module that lets you communicate with the battery using our free APP for Android mobile. You can check the battery capacity or State of Charge (SoC), voltage, temperature, charge or discharge current simply by using the APP on your compatible smart Android mobile. The BL series is an ideal choice for use in RVs, off-grid solar, marine, renewable energy system, etc.

■ Both Low Temperature Version and Bluetooth Version is available

Product Specifications

ModelNominal Voltage (V)Nominal Capacity (Ah)Max Discharge Current (A)Dimension (mm)Dimension (in)BCI/DIN SizeApprox. Weight (Kg)Weight (lbs)TerminalTerminal LayoutBatteries in Series
0.92F2DMax 4S
1.12.4F2DMax 4S
1.32.9F2DMax 4S
1.63.6F2DMax 4S
2.65.6NB1BMax 4S
LFP12V3512.83535195*131*1717.7*5.2*6.7U14.49.7T11(M8)AMax 4S
6.313.9T11(M8)BMax 4S
LFP12V7512.87580260*168*21810.2*6.6*8.6249.621.2T11(M8)AMax 4S
LFP12V8012.88080307*168*22112.1*6.6*8.72710.422.9T11(M8)AMax 4S
LFP12V10012.8100100307*168*22112.1*6.6*8.7”2712.226.7T11(M8)AMax 4S
LFP12V10012.8100100329*172*22313.0*6.8*8.83112.627.8T11(M8)AMax 4S
12.828.2DINBMax 4S
LFP12V12512.8125150329*172*22313.0*6.8*8.83115.333.7T11(M8)AMax 4S
LFP12V15012.8150150520*268*22820.5*10.6*98D2146.3T11(M8)CMax 4S
LFP12V20012.8200150520*268*22820.5*10.6*98D25.856.9T11(M8)CMax 4S
LFP12V26012.8260150520*268*22820.5*10.6*98D3270.5T11(M8)CMax 4S
LFP12V30012.8300150520*268*22820.5*10.6*98D35.778.7T11(M8)CMax 4S

BSB also provide Bluetooth and low temperature version base on customers' different requirement.

OEM/ODM and Customized-Model Orders are acceptable.