Energy Storage Systems
kWh Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage System
kWh Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage System
kWh Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage System

BSB ESS215-P100A EMS is highly integrated with lithium battery, battery management system, PCS grounding system, power distribution system, temperature control system and fire protection system. The AC voltage is 400/480V AC, which can provide peak-shaving, grid frequency adjustment, power expansion, backup power supply and other functional services to help customers reduce electricity costs to the greatest extent. It is recommended to be used in industrial and commercial user side, energy storage and charging, super-fast charging station and other scenarios.

Product Features

 Flexible configuration

           -Support multiple sets in parallel use, covering a wide power range of 50kW-1MW;

           -Multiple configuration schemes,2-5 hours. 

  Intelligent and friendly

           -Cloud technology support, remote maintenance and monitoring;

           -Built-in EMS, a variety of operation mode options, improve income.

  Ease of installation

           -Integrated transportation on-site construction;

           -Plug and use.

  Safe and reliable, class A fire resistance

           -DOD 100% deep discharge,15-year service life under standard condition;

           -Efficient thermal management design, hierarchical linkage protection, ensure system safety.

Product Specifications

Battery ParametersCell typeLFP-3.2V-280Ah
Rated capacity[kWh]215.04
Charge and discharge ratio≤0.5CP
Voltage range[V]672~864
AC Parameters
(grid connected)
Rated power[kW]100
Rated grid voltage[V]400
Voltage range[V]320~460
Rated Current[A]144
Rated grid frequency[Hz]50/60
Grid frequency range[Hz]45~55/55~65
Distortion rate of total current waveform<3%(Rated power)
Power factor>0.99(Rated power)
Power factor adjustable range-1(ahead)~1(lag)
AC Parameters
(off grid)
AC off-grid voltage[V]400
AC off-grid frequency[Hz]50/60
AC voltage range±3%
Off-grid output voltage distortion rate<3%(Linear load)
System ParametersBMSLevel2
Protection levelIP54
Operating temperature range-30~+50℃(>45℃ derate)
Operating humidity range0~95%(no condensastion)
Auxiliary electrical parameter6kW-380V/50Hz
Fire protection system

Type S aerosol/HFC-propane/perfluorohexanone

(Modular fire protection is optional)

Installation modeOutdoor installation
Anticorrosive levelC4(C5 optional)
AltitudeWithin 3000m
Working conditionMax.2 charge and 2 discharge per day
System communication interfaceEthernet、RS485
External system communication protocolModbus TCP、IEC61850、 Modbus RTU
CertificateGB/T36276、GB/T34131、UL1973、UL 9540A、IEC62619、UN 38.3