Energy Storage Systems
5kWh Household Energy Storage System
5kWh Household Energy Storage System
5kWh Household Energy Storage System
5kWh Household Energy Storage System
5kWh Household Energy Storage System

BSB offers a complete all-in-one home energy storage solution to suit your home conditions and lifestyle. 

Flexible 5kWh Modular design make system scalable from 5kWh to 10kWh and up to 20 kWh in off-grid scenario;

Built-in high effecient 1.5/3kW inverter options for different home power consumption up to 12kW;

The performance suit for requirements of the market at a competitive cost and also energy-saving; 

Ensure stable electricity supply and reduce energy expenses.

Product Features

■ Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Solution

■ 5.5kWh Household Self-use System

■ Rated Output Power 1.5/3.0kW

■ Single Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter

■ Output Voltage 120Vac/60Hz or 230Vac/50Hz (Customized)

■ Advanced BMS with LCD Display

■ 2 charging modes PV with MPPT control & AC charge (CC/CV)

■ Cycle Life: 80%DOD>1200 Cycles

■ Easy Installation: Plug and Play

■ Compact Size and Space Saving

■ Economic Energy Storage Solution and Competitive Price 

■ Suitable for Developing Countries and Market

■ IEC62619/UN38.3

Product Specifications

Battery ModuleLiFePO4 BYD OPC Module
Battery Energy5.5KWH
Nominal Voltage25.6V
Nominal Capacity220Ah
Dimension LxDxH500×300×790mm
Standard Charging Current20A
Maximum Charging Current66A
Standard Discharge40A
Maximum Discharge Current120A
Maximum Output Power3.0KW
Charging Cut-off Voltage30.4V (3.8V/cell)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 20.0V (2.5V/cell)
Cycle Life 80%DOD>1200Cycles
Solar Charge TypeMPPT
Maximum Output Power1100W
PV Charging Current Range0~40A
PV Operating Voltage Range30~100V
Rated Output power600W
AC input Voltage Range90~140V
DC OutputCC/CV 29.2V/20A
Rated Output Power3000W
AC Output Voltage230Vac
Output Voltage /Frequency60Hz (Single phase pure sine wave)
Peak Output Power6000W
DC Input Voltage Range19.0~30.0V