48V Smart Lithium Battery
48V Smart Lithium Battery
48V Smart Lithium Battery
48V Smart Lithium Battery

SLFP-48100/150 15S Smart Lithium Battery is new developed intelligent energy storage modules and mainly used in telecom and energy storage applications, with a capacity of 100Ah and 150Ah/a maximum of 32 packs in parallel. The battery can automatically adapt to different charging voltages, and can be directly used in parallel with lead-acid batteries, realizing the utilization and expansion of existing batteries.

Product Features

1.        100Ah@3U Compact Design

2.        Support Parallel Mix-use with Lead Acid Batteries or old lithium battery

3.        Highly Accurate SOC, SOH

4.        Professional BMS to Prolong Battery Service Life

5.        Anti-theft Software Locking

6.        Multiple Protection Mechanism: Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, High Temp. Hardware Faulty, Cell Faulty etc.

7.        DC/DC Bidirectional Converter for Active management control like -57V Constant Voltage Backup for long distance load, peak load shifting, priority charge/discharge before lead acid battery, prevent battery packs circulation etc.

Product Specifications

Nominal voltage48V48V
Max. output power4800W4800W
Nominal capacity100Ah@0.5C150Ah@0.5C
Boost output setpoint57V57V
Operating modeNormal mode,Current limit mode,Boost mode,Maintenance mode
Max. charge and discharge current100A/100A100A/100A
End Discharging Voltage40.5V40.5V
Operating Environment Temperature-10~55℃-10~55℃
Storage Temperature-20~45℃(in1month)-20~45℃(in1month)
15~35℃(in 6months)15~35℃(in 6months)
Design Life≥10 years≥10 years
Cycle Life4000 cycles @0.5C 25℃ 80%DOD3500 cycles @0.5C 25℃80%DOD
excluding mounting earsexcluding mounting ears
Weight≤41 kg≤58 kg