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Battery Anti-theft Solution
Battery Anti-theft Solution
Battery Anti-theft Solution

BSB has developed its own IoT technology anti-theft system solution for Telecom battery based on its experiences and deep survey of telecom customers challenges. With accurate tracking, alarming and locating of stollen batteries, customers can find back their battery assets and make theft rate be significantly reduced so that the theft problem is fundamentally solved.

Product Features

  • GPS module is installed inside the battery. No sign from out side to tell that battery is equipped with GPS;

  • GPS module is isolated by acid-proof material. Suitable for post-installation of existing batteries;

  • Standby time is not less than 2 years. And lasts for 80 hours continuous working in case of battery theft;

  • GPS Battery Low Voltage Alarm will be triggered when battery voltage is low to remind customer to change battery;

  • Geo Fence is confitured base on site latitude and longitude. When battery is moved out of the fence, theft-alarm will be pushed to platform and mobile App.;

  • Live and historical tracking is designed for tracking by customer via PC and mobile;

Product Specifications

Geo-FenceTo set a location with certain cover area as default location. When GPS-equipped battery is moved out of geo-fence area, “Theft Alarm” will be triggeredDefault value is 500m as radius
TrackingHistorical TrackingWhen battery is stolen, system will record the historical track for user review
Live TrackingWhen battery is stolen, system will keep tracking the movement of battery
Mobile APPAndroid mobile app is available for user to monitor the GPS battery any time anywhere
AlarmVibration AlarmIf battery is shaken, system will trigger alarmIf shaking is less then 10min, alarm will be cleared
Stolen AlarmWhen battery is taken out of the geo-fence area, system will trigger alarm
GPS Battery Voltage Low AlarmWhen battery voltage of GPS is low, system will trigger alarm
Alarm NoticeSMS NoticeUser can set supervisor Mobile No. to send alarmsOptional. User needs to equip SMS Modem
Email NoticeUser can set supervisor email to send alarms

Battery Anti-theft Solution

Battery Anti-theft Solution

Battery Anti-theft Solution