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OPzV Series Tubular Gel DIN Standard Battery

The OPzV series adopts an Immobilized Gel and Tubular Positive Plate technology. It offers high reliability and stable performance. By using die-casted positive grid and patented active material formula, it exceeds the DIN standard values and offer 20+ years design life in float service. It is very suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions. This series is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.

1)20 + years design life at floating condition

2)Wide operating temperature range from-40℃ to 60

3)Tubular positive plate with prolonged cycle life

4)Nano Silica gel electrolyte

5)Lead Calcium die cast grid with improved corrosion resistance capability

6)Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life(1 year at 20℃)

7)Excellent deep discharge recovery capability