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Pure Lead Motive Battery

TEV series is design for electrical vehicles to deliver long cycle life with high power output & super fast charge performance. The energy density is 15%+ higher & has double cycle life. TEV series can be fast charge even better than a Li-on battery. It has excellent high rate output up to 20C constant. TEV also has good shock resistance & explosion proof.It is recommended to be used as starting & motive power for Military,Heavy duty vehicles, golf carts, AGV or other electric vehicles & tools, etc.

1) Long Cycle Life, 100% DOD≥800 cycles
2) Faster than Lithium battery ,80% recharged in 20min
3) High Rate Discharge,Up to 20C discharge
4) High Resistance in Low Temperature,75% capacity at -18℃
5) Strong Shock Resistance,Safe and Maintenance Free